how do weeds kill?

This evening, I spent all of 15 minutes weeding our garden. I use the term “garden” loosely. In fact, my garden consists of a space of about 3 square feet in the back of my house. And I didn’t plant this garden. Dave’s mum (an expert gardener with years of study and experience in the…Continue Reading “how do weeds kill?”

why I want to move to America?

Simply put. Family and baseball. Family is a bit obvious. Living away from the people who have known me since I was born – people that I find comfortable, effortless, and real – isn’t easy. And my recent trip to visit them reminded me. They are home. And leaving them this time was particularly painful….Continue Reading “why I want to move to America?”

how do kebabs indicate a healthy emotional state?

Do you notice the amazing food photography above? Are you salivating as you see the beautifully presented meal? I am. But not due to  the photography (there are too many food photographers to count anyway). Instead, I am just super excited by the super lush meal for Dave’s return tonight.  One of our favourite takeaways…Continue Reading “how do kebabs indicate a healthy emotional state?”

how am i trying to live in the moment?

Ever have a day when you just aren’t able to get a grip? When you feel like you can’t handle your mind, your emotions, your words, your heart, your everything? When you feel as if you don’t even know yourself. You want to pull yourself out, but you can’t. Helpless. Defeated. Tired. I had one…Continue Reading “how am i trying to live in the moment?”

how do i stop biting my freaking nails?

  Every single time I look at my hands, I groan. I just try to not look at them. You see, I have bitten my nails since I was a tiny, wee, little girl. I have never not bitten my nails. When I’m nervous. When I’m calm. When I’m working. When I’m relaxing. In the…Continue Reading “how do i stop biting my freaking nails?”

why i am not freaking out that I have picky eating kids?

I always thought I would be a mama that was a food sergeant. I imagined my kids eating a variety of foods ranging from curry to soup to refried beans. I would make sure that they didn’t leave the table until they tried the food. That I didn’t offer them an alternative food unless they…Continue Reading “why i am not freaking out that I have picky eating kids?”

a little Grecian island called Spinalonga?

I have recently finished a book called ‘The Island’ by Victoria Hislop. A friend lent me this book following my repeated attempts at starting books that were difficult literary works and getting absolutely nowhere. My brain simply cannot function well enough to plow through complicated plot lines and fancy language when I have had an…Continue Reading “a little Grecian island called Spinalonga?”

was your day worth something?

Washing a dish. Wiping the highchair. Sweeping the floor. Reading a book. Playing on the floor. Answering the question “why?”. Naughty steps. Pee accidents. Cheese sandwiches. Playdough in the carpet. Repeat. And repeat again. Every. Single. Day. And as I cleaned the floor after a massive food explosion recently, I wondered, was this day worth…Continue Reading “was your day worth something?”

four short thoughts from hosting our Eritrean friends

Wednesday, I received a phone call asking if we would be willing to host a family of four that had been residing in Sudan, after fleeing from Eritrea. That’s the only information we had. We knew there were no known risks to having them stay, so we pounced at the chance to open our basement…Continue Reading “four short thoughts from hosting our Eritrean friends”

is the rowing machine a good form of exercise?

We have a rowing machine that was given to us 2 years ago by Cathy. She bought it as gift for a whopping £7!! This woman knows how to find a good deal. And she knew that Dave liked using the rowing machine. And Dave used it a few times, but it then got stuck…Continue Reading “is the rowing machine a good form of exercise?”