Can chicken pox lead to a happier life?

We are home with chicken pox, again. Little Isaiah has a nasty case of chicken pox that is keeping him (and me) up all night. His small, chunky body is covered in red spots, inflamed spots, blistered spots, and scratch marks where he has itched them. While Dave slept on the guest bed last night…Continue Reading “Can chicken pox lead to a happier life?”

why am i quitting the madness of listening to other people?

That sounds like a very proud and arrogant question. But hear me out. I have spent two weeks frantically searching the internet and books and talking to friends about my constant provision of drama – named Isaiah. He isn’t sleeping. Again. And if you have followed his journey at all, you will know that we…Continue Reading “why am i quitting the madness of listening to other people?”

why aren’t children in the UK vaccinated for chickenpox?

8 days ago, I thought Hudson was going through puberty at 3 years old. He had a pimple on his lip. A bit young for pimples, but thought it was just preparing us for the awkward teenage stage ahead. But then 7 days ago, a lot more pimples were popping up. And then it clicked…Continue Reading “why aren’t children in the UK vaccinated for chickenpox?”

is it exploitative to marry a “Thai Bride”?

Recently, I have been made aware of the reality that a man is able to partner with dating agencies in Thailand to find a woman to date, with the view of marrying. And given the fact that I work with women that are survivors of human trafficking, I was very interested to learn if the…Continue Reading “is it exploitative to marry a “Thai Bride”?”

how do weeds kill?

This evening, I spent all of 15 minutes weeding our garden. I use the term “garden” loosely. In fact, my garden consists of a space of about 3 square feet in the back of my house. And I didn’t plant this garden. Dave’s mum (an expert gardener with years of study and experience in the…Continue Reading “how do weeds kill?”

why i am not freaking out that I have picky eating kids?

I always thought I would be a mama that was a food sergeant. I imagined my kids eating a variety of foods ranging from curry to soup to refried beans. I would make sure that they didn’t leave the table until they tried the food. That I didn’t offer them an alternative food unless they…Continue Reading “why i am not freaking out that I have picky eating kids?”

a little Grecian island called Spinalonga?

I have recently finished a book called ‘The Island’ by Victoria Hislop. A friend lent me this book following my repeated attempts at starting books that were difficult literary works and getting absolutely nowhere. My brain simply cannot function well enough to plow through complicated plot lines and fancy language when I have had an…Continue Reading “a little Grecian island called Spinalonga?”

was your day worth something?

Washing a dish. Wiping the highchair. Sweeping the floor. Reading a book. Playing on the floor. Answering the question “why?”. Naughty steps. Pee accidents. Cheese sandwiches. Playdough in the carpet. Repeat. And repeat again. Every. Single. Day. And as I cleaned the floor after a massive food explosion recently, I wondered, was this day worth…Continue Reading “was your day worth something?”

is a mother important?

I have just spent the morning huddled in the room my mom stayed in, breathing in the lingering smell of Dove lotion and Happy Heart perfume. It has been 10 days of pure joy. My mom has just left after a sweet visit that has left me very emotional. And the trip’s delight is due…Continue Reading “is a mother important?”

is activism effective and is activism good?

As a mama of two boys, I haven’t found much time for thinking deeply. Gone are the days I studied theories, history, people, literature, and philosophy. At least for now. I was sitting in a soft play (basically a big indoor play gym for kids) a few days ago, looking around at the mums breastfeeding,…Continue Reading “is activism effective and is activism good?”