a typical French excursion to Caen?

Another trip to my beloved France. I’m not entirely sure why I am fascinated with France. I am slightly obsessed with the “French Chic” wardrobe. Enamored with French wine. Melted by French butter, bread and cheese. If you remember, my last trip to France was a family holiday to Brittany with Dave and the boys….Continue Reading “a typical French excursion to Caen?”

how do kebabs indicate a healthy emotional state?

Do you notice the amazing food photography above? Are you salivating as you see the beautifully presented meal? I am. But not due to  the photography (there are too many food photographers to count anyway). Instead, I am just super excited by the super lush meal for Dave’s return tonight.  One of our favourite takeaways…Continue Reading “how do kebabs indicate a healthy emotional state?”

four short thoughts from hosting our Eritrean friends

Wednesday, I received a phone call asking if we would be willing to host a family of four that had been residing in Sudan, after fleeing from Eritrea. That’s the only information we had. We knew there were no known risks to having them stay, so we pounced at the chance to open our basement…Continue Reading “four short thoughts from hosting our Eritrean friends”

love::brooks shoes

I needed fresh air this morning. For oh so many reasons, I just needed to get outside and give my brain and body a break. Do you ever feel like that? You just want to press “pause” on life, with a cup of sweet coffee and ignore anything begging for your attention. I felt that…Continue Reading “love::brooks shoes”