Gagging Spirulina?

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small bowl of Hawaiian spirulina powder against a ceramic tile background

It has been a long hiatus since I have written on this little online journal blog. Months. I debated not coming back.


The befriending project I run is uber busy.
I want to play outside with my ever fun boys.
I want to sleep.
I want to read my feel good novels.
I want to look out my window and watch the world go by.
I want to sleep.
I want to watch Jane the Virgin (sounds sketchy, but it’s not. I’m addicted).
I want to have dinner and wine and Monopoly Deal with Dave. And watch Jane the Virgin.

So my spare time has been spent on all of the above. But there is no creative outlet in there. So I have come back to this space in hopes that I can reengage my mind.

And today’s very brief topic revolves around Spirulina.

What’s that? Spiralized vegetables, close, but no. A new alcoholic spirit? I wish. A new age religion? I’m sticking with Jesus.

Spirulina is what I tried to drink straight yesterday with a bit of water. It is a blue-green algae, yes algae. A plant that has been found to have massive health benefits. It was given to me by a friend in the form of a green powder that actually smells like a plant that has been ripped out from the sea. Sounds questionable….

I had to drink it. Doctors claim it can:
1. Detox Heavy Metals in my body.
2. Eliminate Candida.
3. Help Prevent Cancer.
4. Lower Cholesterol.
5. Lower Blood Pressure.
6. Lower Chances of Stroke.
7. Boost Energy.
8. Alleviate sinus issues.
9. Jumpstart Weight Loss.
10. Improve HIV/AIDS.

In fairness, none of those benefits necessarily benefit me at the minute. But still, I had to drink it.

Never again. Never freaking again. I am on a new venture to find ways to mask this green powder in other foods. So this morning, I made a smoothie with two bananas, sugar, spoon fulls of peanut butter, milk, and….
Spirulina. Not gag worthy, but a banana peanut butter milkshake is just not the same when it’s green.

I will keep trying. But never again will I gulp it by itself.

One thought on “Gagging Spirulina?

  1. Loved this curious thought post Lauren , you have a real gift with words. Loved the milkshake recipe ….minus the pea nuts though, as John is allergic to pea nuts. We are in Crete at the moment , back home tomorrow with a long list of wonderful recipes. Love to you all. Xxxx

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