greatest films of each decade?

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Dave and I were eating a scrumptious dinner tonight ALONE, at 5pm, because both boys had fallen asleep so early. When I meandered upstairs with Isaiah to attempt to get him settled, Hudson decided he would turn in for the night atop his playdo, in his highchair.

So we had our BBQ pork in silence. And in the background, I had put on a Spotify play list that provided us with cinema soundtracks while we ate. Each track that came on, we tried to guess the film it matched. I’m rubbish at this game. I got Star Wars. And Lord of the Rings. I nearly got Forest Gump. But Dave’s unusually gifted brain was able to identify loads. Good job his brain isn’t going to waste!

It made me think, what are the most popular/defining/iconic films of each decade? So I had a little hunt. The thing is, film preference is subjective. Meaning, each person defines a great film differently. So it isn’t straightforward to nail down the BEST movies in each decade because each individual will have a different opinion. Films are nostalgic. They give us shivers, tears, laughs, and just a generally “warm and fuzzy” feeling. Some films, we never grow tired of and can watch countless times until each line is memorized. We enjoy certain films on holidays. Some for a romantic night in with wine. Some with just the girls (or boys). Some when we just need a good cry, or a belly laugh. Ah. Films are great.

You can argue best films all day. But you can’t argue with money. And this website has ranked films by the amount of money they brought in at the box office. I have given the TOP films from each decade below.

1960s – The Sound of Music

1970s – Star Wars

1980s – E.T.

1990s – Titanic

2000s – Avatar

2010s – Star Wars VII

Personally, the 90s are my personal favourite era of films. I love the nostalgic soundtracks, the slightly predictable plots, the innocent characters, and just the “feel” I get when watching them. Also included in the 90s top box office hits was Forest Gump, Jurassic Park, and The Lion King. I mean, that’s a pretty good decade for films. Plus Father of the Bride, Shawshank Redemption, and Little Women were produced in the 90s. And those are my favourite films ever.

What makes a film great? Can any blanket answers be given? I found a website that teaches filmography and these were the components that were recognized in great films Some go over my head a bit, but I can see the logic:
1. Has an overarching problem for a hero to solve.
2. Gives room for the viewer to find a meaning or theme in the story.
3. Has heroes with a moral problem.
4. Viewers believe what is being fought about and identify with one of the main characters.
5. Has compact, succinct opening and uses the rest of the film to unfold the story.
6. Makes a moral argument.
7. Opens the viewers eyes to a whole new world.
8. Answers the question: What makes life good?
9. Presents a world that is relative verses absolute.

So what makes a film great? What are your favourites? Why?

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