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My name is Lauren Whitney Medlicott.

I used to be Lauren Whitney Crosby when I lived in America. I have amazing parents and a nutso little sister. I went to University of Maryland to learn how to teach, buttttttt…….

Then I got married and moved to Merthyr Tydfil, Wales, to marry the man I love, Dave. And I used my teaching skills in a classroom for a year. Then I spent time working in an office to support victims of domestic abuse.

And now we have 2 beautiful boys that I adore. Our life is full of question marks, sleepless nights, and scrambled eggs. I love coffee with flavoured creamers that can only be bought in America, jeans, peanut butter, candles, whisky, red wine, and 15 minute jogs. I love being a mum. But I want to think about more than changing nappies and cooking scrambled eggs while children scream for me. Hence this record of my wanderings, enjoyments, and questions. Thanks for visiting. I hope you feel you know me, my husband, my kids, and that you go away with tidbits of info to ponder about.

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