what do the british consider a good beach day to be?

Before I answer the proposed question, I will ask it of you. What do you consider a picturesque beach day to look like? What is the weather like? What are you eating? What activities are you doing? What clothes are you wearing? Me? The weather is HOT. The sun is blazing. Not a cloud in…Continue Reading “what do the british consider a good beach day to be?”

a typical French excursion to Caen?

Another trip to my beloved France. I’m not entirely sure why I am fascinated with France. I am slightly obsessed with the “French Chic” wardrobe. Enamored with French wine. Melted by French butter, bread and cheese. If you remember, my last trip to France was a family holiday to Brittany with Dave and the boys….Continue Reading “a typical French excursion to Caen?”

why do apples turn brown?

Love an apple? Pink Lady? Gala? Cox? Fuji? Braeburn? We like our apples in the Medlicott household. Ever since Hudson had a couple of teeth, I would offer him a whole apple if I needed to appease his whining. In the grocery store, he begged to eat an apple while we browsed. He would eat…Continue Reading “why do apples turn brown?”

how does waterproof clothing work?

Ever heard of a parkrun? Yes, I am sure you have heard of running in a park. But parkruns are organized, 5k runs that occur on a weekly basis. They apparently occur all around the world and encourage people to take part in the sport. Instead of running alone, you run with a group of…Continue Reading “how does waterproof clothing work?”

Can chicken pox lead to a happier life?

We are home with chicken pox, again. Little Isaiah has a nasty case of chicken pox that is keeping him (and me) up all night. His small, chunky body is covered in red spots, inflamed spots, blistered spots, and scratch marks where he has itched them. While Dave slept on the guest bed last night…Continue Reading “Can chicken pox lead to a happier life?”

how did the pumpkin come to represent autumn?

Browsing Asda (a sister supermarket of Walmart in the UK) last week, I happened upon boxes full of pumpkins. Round, orange squashes for sale with a price differentiation by size. Being the cheapo that I am, I went for the 50p pumpkin box. I chose the pumpkin that had the least marks and looked the…Continue Reading “how did the pumpkin come to represent autumn?”

why am i quitting the madness of listening to other people?

That sounds like a very proud and arrogant question. But hear me out. I have spent two weeks frantically searching the internet and books and talking to friends about my constant provision of drama – named Isaiah. He isn’t sleeping. Again. And if you have followed his journey at all, you will know that we…Continue Reading “why am i quitting the madness of listening to other people?”

why do leaves change colour in the autumn?

My favourite time of the year is here again. Autumn has come back to say hello and remind us of her stunning colours, crisp air, dark mornings, and fresh smells. Her presence is well received after a dreary, chilly summer. As I took a 15 minute jog this morning around our local park, I soaked…Continue Reading “why do leaves change colour in the autumn?”

why aren’t children in the UK vaccinated for chickenpox?

8 days ago, I thought Hudson was going through puberty at 3 years old. He had a pimple on his lip. A bit young for pimples, but thought it was just preparing us for the awkward teenage stage ahead. But then 7 days ago, a lot more pimples were popping up. And then it clicked…Continue Reading “why aren’t children in the UK vaccinated for chickenpox?”

Gagging Spirulina?

It has been a long hiatus since I have written on this little online journal blog. Months. I debated not coming back. Why? The befriending project I run is uber busy. I want to play outside with my ever fun boys. I want to sleep. I want to read my feel good novels. I want…Continue Reading “Gagging Spirulina?”